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Scandinavian Wallpaper


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Scandinavian Wallpaper represents WA Wallvision Sweden, one of the major wallpaper companies in Europe. We are the reseller for the brands Boråstapeter and Engblad & Co, from Wallvision, in the US and Canada. Free shipping on orders over $150 within USA & Canada.

Most popular designs

Scandinavian Designers Mini - 6242

Krakel Spektakel This lively wallpaper pattern brings together images from Lennart Hellsing’s book Krakel Spektakel Köper en Klubba (“Krakel Spektakel Buys a Club”), which Stig Lindberg illustrated. An exceedingly playful wallpaper, this is perfect for a children’s room. In this color scheme, it makes for a bright and imaginative accent wall. Show collection Scandinavian Designers Mini

Jubileum - 5475

Flora It isn’t really that unexpected for a country like Sweden to produce wallpapers that dreams are made of. After all, it is a place on earth full of people who are constantly longing for the season when everything starts to blossom again. The 1950s witnessed an unrestrained interest in nature’s most beautiful creations among designers throughout the country. Caught in that wind’s eye when everything is balancing between one boot in the field and a polished shoe heading down future’s lane. Nobody knew what was waiting around the corner and creativity was limitless. colors and shapes were at the forefront and wallpapers with summery flowers turned into longed­for light therapy for frostbitten Northerners.Show collection Jubileum

Scandinavian Designers II - 1766

Romans-Design by Viola Gråsten. An exciting pattern of leaves, so airy you can feel the sky appear beyond the leaves. The wallpaper pattern is based on Viola Gråsten’s original textile sketches that she made in 1964. This wallpaper is carefully preserving the spontaneous and sketchy expression that was so important to Viola. A timeless design. Show collection Scandinavian Designers II

Lexington -1853

LOUISA wallpaper. Lexington Company started out making bed linen from shirt material. Louisa is a homage to the classic striped work shirt. The design is printed using an engraving technique and has a fabric-like texture that softens the shirt stripes and gives the room a warm, pleasant feel. Suitable for a living room by the sea or a bedroom or children’s room in the heart of town. It takes its name from American author Louisa May Alcott, who was known for her books for young people and wrote Little Women, among others (1832-1888). Popular wallpaper with stripes in blue tones. Show collection Lexington

Lexington -1855

EMILY Emily for Lexington is inspired by a fragment of old Cretonne-patterned wallpaper found in a New England archive. Bold tree patterns with birds like these were popular in the USA in the late 1600s. Emily is printed using an old collograph printing technique, where the colors are printed over one another with no drying in between, making every metre unique. It is suitable for walls in both older and newly-built houses, for example, in the living room or kitchen. Emily is named after one of America’s foremost poets, Emily Dickinson, (1830-1886).Show collection Lexington

Beautiful Traditions - 6701

Alicia A bold flower pattern that brings a luxuriously elegant feel to any room, named after our own colorful rising star of the silver screen: Alicia Vikander. The beautiful, earthy colors both lift and complement the trend for white in interior design. Perfect for when you want to create a style-conscious yet traditional look in your home. Alicia Vikander is a talented Swedish actor who has quickly made an international name for herself. Show collection Beautiful Traditions

Scandinavian Designers Mini - 6255

Claudia Beautiful clouds of different shapes that extend right the way across the wall. Here you see the lovely children’s wallpaper Claudia with a white background and black clouds. Show collection Scandinavian Designers Mini

Atmospheres- 6215

With Brush wallpaper, the genuine human touch behind the pattern truly stands out. The hand holding the paintbrush has just left the paper, giving your room a lively yet tranquil look. This wallpaper is perfect for halls, living rooms or bedrooms and works well when used on all four walls. The pattern is available in two sizes and four color schemes. Design by Ilse Crawford. Show collection Atmospheres

Sense of Silence - 6317

DREAM Feminine in nature and delicately expressed through watercolor cherry blossom motifs. Simple, poetic and romantic, it’s easy to lose yourself in Dream’s silky, captivating depths. Show collection Sense of Silence