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Scandinavian Wallpaper


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Scandinavian Wallpaper represents WA Wallvision Sweden, one of the major wallpaper companies in Europe. We are the reseller for the brands Boråstapeter and Engblad & Co, from Wallvision, in the US and Canada. Free shipping on orders over $150 within USA & Canada.

Most popular designs

Wonderland - 1452 - I

HOPPMOSSE is one of Hanna Werning's designs from her latest wallpaper collection Wonderland, designed for Boråstapeter. Wonderland is a gorgeous wallpaper collection filled with colors in a fantasy world. Hope comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it turns into a bunch of happy-go-lucky piglets skipping along a feathery moss. Surrounded by ferns and an entire forest of marvellous treasures.Show collection Wonderland

Scandinavian Designers II - 1766 - I

Romans-Design by Viola Gråsten. An exciting pattern of leaves, so airy you can feel the sky appear beyond the leaves. The wallpaper pattern is based on Viola Gråsten’s original textile sketches that she made in 1964. This wallpaper is carefully preserving the spontaneous and sketchy expression that was so important to Viola. A timeless design. Show collection Scandinavian Designers II

Scandinavian Designers II - 1790 - I

Aurora-Design by Lisbet Jobs. Lisbet Jobs’ most distinguished plant pattern is grand and elegant with the beautiful cow parsnip in centre like the queen of meadow flowers. There’s a hint of the 1950’s angularity in the drawing. Aurora was designed in 1956. This is a photo-wall wallpaper. Width = 35 7/16" * height = 8' 8 21/64" (90 cm x 265 cm) Show collection Scandinavian Designers II

Arkiv Engblad - 5382 - I

Gårda - We’re not entirely sure whether it's the 1940s or 50s. What we do know, however, is that we fell head over heels for Gårda when we unearthed this hand-painted gem. It exudes a certain naivety and has many a tale to tell. This surface print comes from Ljungqvists Tapetfabrik and the original bears the mark of the German workshop, Atelier Willy Hermann. Gårda forms a harmonious combination with Lotura and the pastels in Sigill. We’ve produced a multicolored and a gray color scheme on a white background that looks especially good in the hallway, kitchen, study, reading corner and children’s room. Show collection Arkiv Engblad

Atmospheres- 6215 - I

With Brush wallpaper, the genuine human touch behind the pattern truly stands out. The hand holding the paintbrush has just left the paper, giving your room a lively yet tranquil look. This wallpaper is perfect for halls, living rooms or bedrooms and works well when used on all four walls. The pattern is available in two sizes and four color schemes. Design by Ilse Crawford. Show collection Atmospheres

Sense of Silence - 6331 - I

NOCTURNE A classic pattern from our archives, Nocturne features a tight floral pattern, hand-painted and presented in both light and dark shades. Timeless charm with a contemporary twist, perfectly complimenting the modern, trend-conscious home. Show collection Sense of Silence

Scandinavian Designers Mini - 6251

Charlie A hand-drawn children’s wallpaper in light, vibrant hues, with squirrels swinging, hanging upside down and gathering acorns. The contrasts, details and vibrant colors get the imagination going in this narrative pattern, created in Boråstapeter’s Design Studio by Amanda Nordblad. Show collection Scandinavian Designers Mini