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Scandinavian Wallpaper represents WA Wallvision Sweden, one of the major wallpaper companies in Europe. We are the reseller for the brands Engblad & Co. and Boråstapeter, from Wallvision, in the US and Canada. We work closely with Wallvision as we are the only reseller in the US and Canada with a full assortment.

Most popular designs

Wonderland - 1479

FLYTTFRÖ The world is an eternal place. Boundless, magical. Be a bird of passage and fly free between the deep forests of Swedish Småland and the deserts south of the Sahara. Plant a silver birch in the cooling shade of a palm tree. Everything is at your fingertips, if only you want it.Animal Show collection Wonderland

Black&White - 6078

Stripe Horizontal is a broad horizontal stripe with a playful and bold look. This pattern is a good looking backdrop for art and other wall decorations.Show collection Black & White
$55.00 $51.00

C-K-R - 1807

Thin, colored lines that Claesson Koivisto Rune found in some of the most iconic buildings of 20th century Modernist master Mies van der

Jubileum - 5474

Flora It isn’t really that unexpected for a country like Sweden to produce wallpapers that dreams are made of. After all, it is a place on earth full of people who are constantly longing for the season when everything starts to blossom again. The 1950s witnessed an unrestrained interest in nature’s most beautiful creations among designers throughout the country. Caught in that wind’s eye when everything is balancing between one boot in the field and a polished shoe heading down future’s lane. Nobody knew what was waiting around the corner and creativity was limitless. colors and shapes were at the forefront and wallpapers with summery flowers turned into longed­for light therapy for frostbitten Northerners.Show collection Jubileum

Scandinavian Designers - 2744

Herbarium Design by Stig Lindberg. #herbarium Show collection Scandinavian Designers

Scandinavian Designers II - 1789

Köksväxter-Design by Lisbet Jobs. An amazing, blooming pattern with Lisbet’s characteristic style. The pattern was made in the 1950’s and the fresh, green plants keep a sense of summer in the room all year round.#herbarium #koksvaxter Show collection Scandinavian Designers II

Scandinavian Designers II - 1792

Rabarber-Design by Gocken Jobs. Gocken Jobs has created a number of plant patterns that are still well known and sought after. This wonderful, lush pattern with rhubarb, dew cup, viola and monkshood is one of her most loved. Show collection Scandinavian Designers II

Simplicity - 3650

Dancing crane. A strong sign of coming spring and often used as a symbol in Asian culture, the dancing, elegant rhythm of the cranes’ movements create soft yet strong patterns across the wallpaper.Show collection Simplicity