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Sample Lounge Luxe - 6367

Pigalle. Glamorous, joyful and bold. The Pigalle wallpaper is a beautiful floral design with art deco inspired geometric and symmetrical patterns, displayed in a uniquely playful way. The designer of the Pigalle wallpaper took inspiration from 1920's Paris, and from nearer to home: in Gothenburg on Sweden's west coast. This Pigalle wallpaper is named after a boutique hotel in the heart of Gothenburg, famed for its style and impeccable design taste. Its elegant plume design transitions between tones of cream to nougat and grey with the faintest hint of plum. The seductive mother of pearl detailing shimmers when the light falls at the right angle. A pressure printing technique delivers an exclusive layered finish. An ideal wallpaper for both bedrooms and living rooms, the Pigalle wallpaper is available in three color schemes. Show collection Lounge Luxe
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