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Sample Lounge Luxe - 6360

Whistler. The rich colors of the awe-inspiring Canadian wilderness are depicted in our Whistler wallpaper pattern, named after a hotel which forms part of the luxury Fairmont chain. Surrounded by woods and forests, Whistler is a real-life wonderland of rich vegetation, much like the flora embedded in the imagery of our design. With golden orange shapes set against a background of earthy browns, the paper evokes the essence of autumn: greenery giving way to fiery hues, as if the sun has fallen from the sky and found its way into the very earth itself. Hang it in your home to make your private hideaway blaze as brightly as fall. Whistler is printed with glue and flexographic printing to achieve its luxurious shimmering effect. Available in two darker color schemes, which will suit your home best? Show collection Lounge Luxe
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