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Sample Lounge Luxe - 6359

Whistler. Inspired by the natural beauty surrounding Canada’s Whistler hotel, our wallpaper design of the same name is vibrant, earthy, and exquisitely detailed. Bringing to life the rich flora that surrounds this most beautiful of locations, it marries the delicate shapes of fern swaying in the breeze with a primitive palette of greens, creating the same sense of tranquillity as walking through the mountain forest on a cold, crisp spring day. With its luxurious shimmer, the Whistler wallpaper is eye-catching without being overstated. It is the perfect hanging for dining and living areas, drawing the gaze without overwhelming it. The design is printed using glue and flexographic printing with yellow effect to produce its luxurious shimmer. Pick from three unique color schemes to see which one suits your home best. Show collection Lounge Luxe
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