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Sample Arkiv Engblad - 5386

Norrköping - You find yourself automatically stroking your hand over Norrköping. The design originates from the 1960s, created by the German workshop, Atelier Willy Hermann, whose services were frequently used by the factory in Norrköping. An exciting design that we’ve remodelled many times. We love the worn look of the original so much that we decided to keep it. Norrköping is an eye-catching block pattern that feels exactly right today. The indigo blue makes us think of jeans, while the light blue is elegantly discreet in large living rooms and an obvious choice if you want a bright and beautiful look. The black-and-white design takes us back to the 60s, the Beatles and Rock ‘n’ Roll. It’s amazing that one pattern can be so expressive! Show collection Arkiv Engblad
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