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Sample Karlslund - 2911

Queen Lovisa Ulrika dies in 1782. Hopefully she was not aware then that her beloved Svartsjö palace would soon stand empty, slowing decaying for a long time to come. In fact, more than a hundred years would pass by before the abandoned, derelict palace on the island of Färingsö was finally restored – but for a different function. Its buildings were converted to a prison for forced labour and until 1966, the palace housed high-risk criminals. Forty years later, a new effort to re-create the original style of the palace is initiated. Among other things, decorative painter and artist Hanna Säfström hand paints wallpaper based on original examples. This wallpaper is one of her amazing works, a reinterpretation of the 1700s as Queen Lovisa Ulrika would have experienced it.
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