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Sample Arkiv Engblad - 5361

Kalmar - Having been in storage since 1927, the wallpaper was somewhat timeworn when we found it. But it was a look that we decided to keep when we redesigned Kalmar for this collection. It was love at first sight when we saw the fabulous gold-printed swirls on the ochre-yellow background. We’re not entirely sure of its origin, but we’ve called this pattern Kalmar because Kalmar’s New Wallpaper Factory comes to mind when you see it. We've now updated the design in four colorways that showcase its superbly versatile and everlasting quality. What was fashionable in 1927 is in vogue today. Urban industrial, bohemian rustic or simple elegance - the look depends on how you decide to use it. Show collection Arkiv Engblad
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