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ECO/Engblad & Co

As Scandinavia’s oldest wallpaper brand, Engblad & Co have a single goal in their sights: creating modern, stylish wallpapers that still retain that relaxed, inclusive feeling you want to have when walking into a room. That feeling you want to come home to.

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Lounge Luxe - 6381

Myfair. Featuring a delicate pattern of cream colored floral fronds, MyFair is inspired by the flowing lines, pale purity, and ethereal beauty of a snow-covered woodland in winter. While beautiful to look upon it is also exquisitely understated. Designed to enhance the interiors it shares without overwhelming them. Available in a choice of five equally lovely color schemes, it’s the ideal wallpaper design for those wishing to put an individual stamp on their interior styling. Show collection Lounge Luxe

Lounge Luxe - 6382

Myfair.With its delicate tracery of fawn colored leaves standing out vividly against a pale backdrop, this MyFair design borrows its flowing lines, elegant curves, and glorious hues from a woodland in autumn. Enchanting to look upon yet still exquisitely understated, it creates the most soothing of aesthetics, making it ideal for creating a soft yet sophisticated ambiance in any living room or bedroom. Available in a choice of five fabulous color schemes, make sure you see them all! Show collection Lounge Luxe

Lounge Luxe - 6383

Waldorf. Named after the world-famous hotel chain, our Walldorf pattern evokes the same richness and elegance as its inspiration. Drawing from the art deco styles of the 1950s and 60s, it combines interlinked squares to create a chain-like pattern: one which draws the eye and holds it. Using varied shades and tones to differentiate between base and image, its mingled colors complement each other exquisitely and lend a softness and luminescence to the rooms they outfit. Choose your favorite from our three unique color schemes and transform your home interior. Show collection Lounge Luxe

Lounge Luxe - 6384

Waldorf. Taking its inspiration from the famed chain of hotels that it shares a name with, our Walldorf wallpaper pattern has all of the richness and elegance that one might expect. A stylish combination of art deco aesthetics and an industrial colour scheme, it marries the lavish with the subtle, to create an effect that is eye-catching and yet still exquisitely understated. Chic and sophisticated, its pale base combined with darker pattern are certain to add a touch of style to any home. Show collection Lounge Luxe

Lounge Luxe - 6385

Waldorf. Inspired by the decor and designs of the famous hotels it shares its name with, our Walldorf wallpaper has a rich yet earthy elegance to it. Drawing on themes from the dazzling art deco scene of the 1950s and 60s, it incorporates a classic pattern that looks as chic and stylish to today's contemporary eyes, as it ever did. With a base of soft brown offset by a beautiful reddish hue, it makes for the most divine of bedroom décors. Choose your favorite version from our three unique color schemes. Show collection Lounge Luxe

Lounge Luxe - 6386

Nougat. Designed with subtlety and simplicity in mind, our gorgeous Nougat wallpaper design is utterly chic and stylish. A delicate, delectable brown, it brings to mind richly colored materials made of the softest suedes. Elegant yet subtly understated, it is a wallpaper made to enhance interiors without overwhelming them. It's the perfect backdrop for bedrooms and living areas, and looks absolutely beautiful as part of a classically simple neutral color palette. Show collection Lounge Luxe

Lounge Luxe - 6387

Shangri-La. Drawing inspiration from the masterfully styled interiors of the most decadent vintage hotels, our Shangri La wallpaper in peach and pink has all the intricate, riotous beauty of the inside of a seashell shimmering in the sunlight. Imbued with a subtle yet striking sheen, it is inset with luxurious mother of pearl flakes to create a deliciously decadent glow. Available in two exceptionally stunning color schemes, it really is the perfect pattern for those with a taste for the exquisite. Show collection Lounge Luxe

Lounge Luxe - 6388

Shangri-La. Inspired by the exquisitely modeled interiors of vintage hotels, our Shangri La wallpaper in aqua blue has all the alluring beauty of a peacock’s tail captured in its glorious and vibrant tones. Its subtle shimmer creates a truly beautiful silk-like appearance, with mother of pearl flakes delicately set into this hypnotizing pattern to add a richly decadent glow. Available in two equally lovely color schemes, Shangri La is a fabulous choice for anyone wanting to put a truly individual stamp on their interior styling. Show collection Lounge Luxe

Lounge Luxe - 6389

Miramar Gold. Capturing the unique and vibrant beauty of an underwater world, our Miramar wallpaper is more than a means of enriching your interiors: it is undiluted art. Designed by the fantastically talented Nadja Wedin, it is an imaginative depiction of the most beautiful of seascapes, with intricately detailed sea creatures, delicately sketched coral, and diaphanous jellyfish darting to and fro. Imbued with a glamorous golden shimmer, it is made for a stunning centerpiece in any room, one that your gaze will explore for hours at a time. Show collection Lounge Luxe

Lounge Luxe - 6390

Miramar Silver. Beautifully designed to capture the paradisiacal beauty of a world beneath the waves, our Miramar wallpaper draws inspiration from an exquisitely luxurious hotel nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, USA. Featuring a beautiful, bustling scene from the exceptionally talented Nadja Wedin, it depicts a fairy tale world of brightly colored fish and delicately drawn coral, to turn any room interior into an ode to true artistry. With its subtle silver shimmer, it is a wallpaper befitting of the most stylish of homes. Show collection Lounge Luxe