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ECO/Engblad & Co

As Scandinavia’s oldest wallpaper brand, Engblad & Co have a single goal in their sights: creating modern, stylish wallpapers that still retain that relaxed, inclusive feeling you want to have when walking into a room. That feeling you want to come home to.

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Reflections -5934

Jassi wallpaper is an original design from the traditional Kåbergs Tapetfabrik. A print characterized by a retro, 1950's feel. It features geometric shapes that you automatically want to run your hand across. retro style wallpaper in the color gray and gold.

Nature - 2428

The Grove Create a serene, green oasis in your home with this lovely pattern. The green tones elicit wellbeing and calm, while the climbing leaves add an exciting look to any space. Its fusion of sharply clipped silhouettes and soft watercolors creates a lovely effect. This wallpaper can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of your walls. Width & Height 135 cm x 270 cm Show collection Nature