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Customized murals

Design your own wallpaper

Create your own wallpaper mural based on your style, interests, holidays and memories. Dig out your old letters, some beautiful lace, record sleeves you love, holiday photos, children's drawings…

All you need to make your own wallpaper mural is a digital image. The image must be at least 1000 pixels high and 1000 pixels wide.

If you want to add your logo on the image or make a change in the photo, we can provide this service! 

Send the digital image and your dimensions (width and height) in an e-mail to We will come back to you with the design and a cost proposal. Please make sure that you have the rights to all images you send to us! See Conditions of use.
If it is a large original or if you want us to add Text/Logo send us a mail and we will send you a link to upload the originals.

Get inspiration and ideas from our photos below:


Show your globality to your customers in the lobby.                                         













Put your loved ones on the wall.   




Include your logo in the image.

Our office with a mural with our logo













Delete something 

Why not let us delete your ex-boyfriend instead of you having to tear him off all your photos? Or let us erase anything else that shouldn't be there: dates, spots, red eyes, dogs, objects..




Improve quality 

Enhance the sharpness of old, sun-faded photos. Remove the scribble of a pen or the raster (dots) on scanned newspaper cuttings. Maybe your mobile photo isn't good enough to use as a design?